March Madness Midway Review

So I’m halfway through March Madness and here are a few things I’ve learned:

~ I play Temple Run 2 procrastinate too much

~ It is impossible to read while blow-drying your hair

~ it is possible to read while applying makeup but not advisable

~ having March Madness coincide with the last two episodes of True Detective was not helpful. Once you start reading all those online opinion pieces you can’t stop and precious reading hours are lost

A heartwarming family tale of a day out, a fear of heights and an examination of the link between potatoes and dinosaurs. Recommended.

~ if I had used the time I have spent reading Peppa Pig’s Big Day Out over the last two weeks reading my chosen 10 books, I would be finished already. Honestly, one day it was 8 TIMES IN A ROW…

~ Ender’s Game represents 2 hours of my life that I will never get back. I spent the whole time thinking, ‘I could be reading, I could be reading…’

~ there is a reason I read an average of 4 books a month. I just don’t have the time for this amount of reading, although I would love to

So, to bring you up to speed, I have read 5 of my chosen 10 and am a third of the way through my 6th. I will check back next week to review The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg and This is Water by Davis Foster Wallace (which felt like it shouldn’t count as I read it in 20 minutes). In the meantime you can follow my progress on Twitter – @cathy746books – and we can all rejoice that I am now into the 720’s!


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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. First, yay on the 720s! That must feel good.

    Secondly, I lost nearly 6 weeks of my life playing Temple Run 2 every chance I got. I was pretty fantastic by the time I finally deleted it from my phone in an effort to recapture my youth.

    Third, you are totally on pace with your goal! Don’t be so hard on yourself. The first book I read was a 75 page children’s book that I got through in an hour. It counts because I say it does.

    Lastly, Peppa Pig’s Big Day Out cracked me up. That should also count. Good luck with the second half! 🙂


  2. You state that you didn’t read as much as you wanted but the majority of your activities involved reading, maybe not the selected books but still reading. I say it all counts! We’ll just put a book cover on all that online reading and call it an editorial book. 🙂 Congrats on your progress!!!


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