Too many books?

Strategic Consumption is a great blog exploring how we consume and how we can do so in a more meaningful way. My own 746books challenge came about due to issues of time and space but also as a way to question the manner in which I was absent-mindedly purchasing book after book, more than I was ever going to read. As a result, I have seen a change in how I buy books (I don’t!) and how I buy things in general. How do you buy books? And why?


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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. Fascinating post Cathy … I did pop over to have a look at the full thing but will try to read it fully when I get back from my travels. I have certainly reduced my “consumption” in terms of buying in recent times … part;y through guilt re all the unread ones, partly because I’m receiving some review copies and partly because I know my downsizing time is fast approaching.


  2. I have gotten cheap with books. I would purchase certain authors, but for some of them it would suck if I fell out of love for that author and I would have a book in my possession that wasn’t worth recommending. I ended up having more fun buying books for my daughters. Now with a stricter CFO, we utilize our library. I get such a little thrill searching and requesting books I want to read.


    • I need to make use of my library more. If I’d used my library more over the last few years I don’t think I would be in the position I’m in! On the other hand I wouldn’t have my blog, so silver lining and all that!


  3. Thanks for sharing that article. This is an issue I think about frequently. I’m devoted to decluttering when it comes to almost every other area of my home, but I have a difficult time letting go of books even if I have read them once and know I wont’ read them again. I’ve often played with the idea of having a bookcase only for favorites and eliminating everything else. Of course, the Kindle doesn’t help, because I can buy books and forget them so easily. Last year I actually let my library card expire in an effort to force myself to read the books I had on the shelf. I think I bought more new books last year than in the previous three years combined! So…I renewed that library card.


  4. I love the idea and looking at the two piles of books to read and review sitting on my desk, I think I should teach myself some mindful consuming. However, I do think it could be worse. We live in a culture where girls my age buy a different outfit for every Saturday and where clothes, mobile phones and technology are disposable. I want to buy an iPhone now and I want to keep it for 4 years (so I am willing to spend some money on it) and when I say it, people stare at me as if I were crazy: “Four years?! You’ll get tired of it!” and the such are what I get. I just don’t understand. So, when it comes to books, I think they are somthing that I can’t live without, something that improve my life and my mind and that make it easier to navigate life. All those reasons translate as “better books than X”, but still, the lack of room in my bedroom is shouting at me to give buying books a second thought!


    • I totally agree. I think of books as my collection and I don’t regret any I have bought, but my purchasing was getting so mindless (hey, it’s easy to hit One Click on Amazon) that I realised I had to do something. I’ve been a bit drastic, I know, but I had to be.


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