An Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Little Free Library!



I saw one of my work wishes come true last week with the installation of the Little Free Library at Clotworthy House.

The Little Free Library is a becoming a world wide phenomenon as these cute little boxes are popping up everywhere, from Iceland to Mexico promoting reading, sharing and community. A Little Free Library is, quite literally, a box filled with books where anyone can browse, pick a book, read and return it, share a book of their own or donate a book.

Some of our current stock!
Some of our current stock!

You can find out more about the movement on their Little Free Library website and you’ll see us on the world wide map in the next few weeks. It’s been a lovely experience to watch people come across our library, browse the shelves and leave with a book or two! And as a bonus , I know where to send my books when I’ve finished with them!


Now, I wonder if I could get one built and put up in my street…….

Have you had experience of the Little Free Library movement before or do you have a Little Free Library near you? If you’re not sure, go to their website and check out their world wide map!

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  1. Congratulations on your Little Free Library! It’s a cute one. As of a few months ago, I still had never seen one around here. But, then one of the houses just down the street from me put one in, so now there is one right on my street. It’s fun to walk by and see what’s in there and what has been taken.


  2. What a lovely idea and the boxes are neat! Our local train station used to operate a similar book-sharing scheme – not an official Little Free Library box, but a shelf in the waiting room. It seems to have disappeared of late, but a LFL box might be a good way to resurrect the idea.

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  3. I’ve only encountered one in real life but I’ve seen many online. I’d love to have my own but C.J. won’t allow it. He doesn’t want to encourage people to hang out in front of house because the dogs will bark and bark and bark.

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  4. Yay! I love the Little Free Library movement. I’ve found three in my area–my favorite is one that’s in the courtyard of a church. I don’t attend services there, but I stop by a couple of times a year and leave some kids books there.

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