I’m 1 today!

1st Birthday

Today is my Blogversary!

I’m quite surprised by this for several reasons, but the main one is that I’ve stuck at it for a year! I’ve started several blogs in the past, but never one with such a tight focus, so I’m pleased that I didn’t just give up. I did worry that because I wasn’t reviewing the latest books or the newest releases that I wouldn’t find an audience, but I’ve been delighted to discover that’s not the case.

I’m also surprised that I stuck to my vow not to buy any new books. This is a big one for me given the amount I was buying! Yes, I’ve received books as gifts but I really didn’t buy one book for myself since I started blogging. I’ll try to stick to it in the coming year, but the longer it goes on the more chance I have of slipping off the wagon….

So, where am I with the dreaded TBR? When I started my blog I worked out that it would take me 20.72 years to read all the 746 based on the fact that I had only read 32 books in the previous year. I’ve done a little better this year reading 52 (one a week!) so if I keep up the momentum it looks like I’ll be all done by mid 2028….. 🙂

The main thing I’ve had this year is lots of fun. I never realised how friendly and supportive others book bloggers are and I’ve come to know a great bunch of people.  I love reading others’ thoughts on books, even if I can’t buy them myself – it’s like a weird kind of vicarious book thrill!

I’ve also had fun taking part in Reading Challenges – RIP IX, The Wharton Review, Non Fiction November and the aptly named March Madness. I even managed to set up a few for myself, namely Reading Roulette and 20 Books of Summer. It has been interesting to read books that I don’t think I would ever have bothered getting round to, authors like Shirley Jackson and Edith Wharton who were just languishing on my shelves before but are now are firm favourites.

Other highlights of the year have been winning my gorgeous Scribbelicious necklace courtesy of a giveaway by Naomi at The Writes of Women and of course, being nominated for an Irish Blog Award.

I’m really looking forward to 2015. I would love to get in to the 500’s by the end of next year, but over 90 books is a bit of a stretch what with the kids and the job and the myriad of other things that life throws! What I do know is I’ll be reading The Age Of Innocence by Edith Wharton in February along with the lovely Jacqui at JacquiWine’s Journal (will you join us?)  and I’ll try and complete 20 Books of Summer once again from June to September.

But I’m most excited to be hosting Reading Ireland Month in March along with Niall at The Fluff is Raging

PicMonkey Collage 2

To celebrate Irish literature and culture we’ll be reviewing books, music, movies, theatre and television from Ireland, there will be giveaways and the chance for you to link up your reviews of books by Irish writers. I do hope some of you will take part. I’ll be posting more details about it next month, so keep an eye out for how to sign up!

A big thank you to everyone who has viewed, read, liked, commented, tweeted, retweeted, reposted and generally supported me along the way this last year. It might sound corny but I wouldn’t be here without you all!




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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. Well done, very inspiring especially as I’m imposing a book buying ban for 2015 in order to attack my own (smaller) reading pile.


  2. Happy blogaversary! These things come around surprisingly quickly – and at least the TBR is coming down. Well done! 🙂


  3. Congratulations, Cathy and my goodness, a year without buying books! I love reading your blog and I’m very much looking forward to the Reading Ireland month – I have a serious soft spot for Irish literature, music and film. Here’s to another year!


  4. Happy blog anniversary, Cathy!
    I admire your willpower – not buying books for a year…I don’t know if I could do that. I’d rather give up chocolate. And I love chocolate. 🙂
    Good luck with your plans for 2015. I enjoyed The Age of Innocence and The House of Mirth and always wanted to read more books by Wharton. Maybe I should make that my goal for the coming year.


  5. Happy anniversary! I’ve enjoyed discovering your blog this year. I started mine with a similar goal, but without your will power. I hope this next year brings you many lovely books, from your own shelves!

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  6. Firstly congratulations for getting to a year…..and secondly for getting through a year without buying any books. Thirdly I’ve really enjoyed your reviews so thanks! But giving up buying books is so impressive – the only thing harder than that for me would be giving up eating Smarties!!

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  7. Congratulations! 1 one year anniversary is a huge accomplishment. I love your idea of an Irish literature and culture month. It’s making me think of doing a snapshot on authors from my native Michigan, USA. Good luck with year 2!


  8. Happy anniversary, Cathy! I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews this year and look forward to many more to come. Thanks for the mention of The Age of Innocence – it’ll be great to read it with you. x


  9. Yay, congratulations! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites, and I’m so glad you’ve stuck around. I really want to congratulate you on not buying any books this year, because that is an impressive feat (so is reading 50+ books in one year!) I’m so happy that you’ve found so much success with your blog in just a year, and I hope 2015 is even better. 🙂

    P.S. I’m definitely doing March Madness again next year, but I will try to find an Irish book to throw in the mix!


  10. Congratulations!! You have some will power not to get even 1 book for yourself this year. I am thoroughly impressed. I look forward to your thoughts on Irish literature/culture month.


  11. Happy Blogoversery! And wait until you hit two, three and four years! That’s when it is really shocking. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it as long as I have and had the same thoughts about not blogging about recently released books. Good luck next year and the many to follow.


  12. Congratulations on making it to a year! And, especially for holding off on buying new books! With so many good ones coming out all the time, I can imagine how hard that would be! I know you are trying to concentrate on reading what you already have, but are you allowed to get them from the library if it’s something new that you absolutely must read?
    I agree with the vicarious reading thing- I get that too when I read other people’s reviews (which is why I love reading them so much)!
    Here’s to another great year! 🙂


    • Thanks Naomi, I do allow myself gifts and books from the library so it’s not so bad, but I have pretty much just read from my TBR for the last year so I’m going to try and keep up the momentum!


  13. Happy Birthday! I really thought you had been around much longer. Personally, and I say this as someone who reviews more new books than old, I prefer reading reviews of older books – the new books get so many reviews all at once and sometimes it takes longer than we give for a book to settle and find its place. Keep up the good work – 2028 isn’t so far away… 😉


  14. Happy Blogoversary! You’ve done so well this year! Are you allowed to buy any books to celebrate one year?? (I know, I know, I’m such an enabler!!) Though you do have quite a way to go yet, so I’m hoping you’ll stick around for it all!! Looking forward to doing some buddy reads with you in 2015, and I’m up for Irish Lit month – picked up a few books recently as I’m Irish and shamefully aware of how little Irish Lit I read, even though everyone tells me it’s so good… :-/ R x


  15. Happy bloganniversary 🙂 very tempted to join you and Jacqui with Age of Innocence in Feb… Hmm, could I possibly finish my #TBR20 challenge by then as need to buy a copy…*adds it to Santa list*

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  16. I was worried like you when I started blogging that the fact that I didn’t necessarily review the hot releases would bore people but it just goes to show that people aren’t just interested in what Waterstones have in the window 🙂 Happy Blogoversary! Am so glad you’re enjoying being part of the gang

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  17. Happy Birthday to 746 books!!! I’m so glad you joined the bookish blogging community and we got to know you. I’m even happier that I’ve found in you a partner in crime for crime fiction 😛

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