March is Reading Ireland Month!

ireland month

It’s March, so that can only mean one thing. it’s Reading Ireland Month!

Join myself and Niall at The Fluff is Raging as we spend the next four weeks celebrating all that is wonderful about Irish books and culture.

It’s not going to be any craic without you, so grab the pin and add the links to your Ireland related posts below. Don’t forget to use our Twitter hashtags #irelandmonth2015 and #begorrathon2015.

If you need any inspiration, check out my list of 100 Books by 100 Irish Authors, but feel free to chat about movies, television, people or travel – whatever takes your fancy!

When adding the link, please do add the subject matter of your post beside your name, so everyone knows who or what you’ve been writing about!

As they say in Ireland, lig an spraoi tús!*

*Let the fun begin!

Ireland Month


33 thoughts on “March is Reading Ireland Month!

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  4. My only Irish book this year has been How the Irish Saved Civilisation. I read it in February though, so I don’t know if it counts! But it tells us of a really fascinating slice of Irish history, set at the fall of the Roman Empire when Europe went up in flames, and when Ireland, because it was remote, managed to save a lot of classical literature and philosophy.

    A really interesting book!


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