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If there’s one thing Roddy Doyle does brilliantly, it’s dialogue, so it’s no surprise that his Two Pints books have distilled his writing down to that bare minimum of speech.

Two Pints and Two More Pints started life as extended Facebook posts on Doyle’s page and have now been published in two slight books. They are essentially a string of conversations between two middle-aged men who, on various dates from 2011, sit on bar stools drinking their pints and having short, sharp conversations about their home, wives, kids, celebrities and whatever is in the news – all the while trying to make sense of the world from the wisdom of the bar stool.

Imagine Norm and Cliff from Cheers as imagined by Beckett but very, very funny and you’re part way there.


All topics are covered – the financial crash; the deaths of celebrities like Whitney Houston, Robin Gibb and Donna Summer; Obama; the whereabouts of Colonel Gaddafi (a cleaner at Dublin airport apparently); the Olympic Games; football and George Clooney’s recent wedding.

29 September 2014
– Is it quiet in your house?
-Jesus, man. It’s like a morgue. A fuckin’ empty one.
-Same in my place. Have to be careful about every little fuckin’ thing.
-A pain in the hole.
-I even had to tell her the dinner was lovely – earlier, like.
-Wha’ was it?
-Can’t remember. But it was grand. So I wasn’t lyin’, but –
-Fuckin’ Clooney.
-Wha’ the fuck was he doin’?
-What he’s done – what he’s after doin’ – it’s worse than fuckin’ climate change, so it is.
-The world needs at least one good lookin’ bachelor that isn’t actually gay. A man who’s gettin’ better lookin’ as he gets older.
-You’ve given this some fuckin’ thought, haven’t yeh?
-Well, I’d nothin’ else to do an’ she was clutchin’ the remote like it was Clooney’s langer. So, yeah. The women need to know there’s always someone else – a bit better, like – out there.
-And now there isn’t.
-Exactly. Because tha’ fuckin’ eejit has gone an’ upset the natural order o’ things. Fuck knows what’s goin’ to happen now. War, famine –
-No ridn’.
-The end o’ the fuckin’ species.
-He’s a thoughtless prick, isn’t he?
-A bollix.

Dialogue has always been Doyle’s forte and he plays to his strengths in these collections which have the concision of poetry and the comic timing of a master. From world breaking stories to local Irish TV adverts, two years of news are distilled into the essence of comedy and told through a particularly Irish perspective.

If you’d like to win a hardback copy of Two Pints and Two More Pints just comment below or share this post on Twitter. The raffle will continue until Saturday at 6pm and I am happy to post worldwide! Unfortunately the Guinness can’t be included!

The Rules

1. Anyone can enter. You do not need to have a blog.
2. You need a post-office recognised address anywhere in the world, where you can receive packages.
3. Simply comment on this post, or share the post via Twitter to be entered. If you want to comment, but don’t want to win the books, just mention that below.
4. The giveaway will run until Saturday 7 March at 6pm. The winner will be picked using
5. I will notify the winner by email. The winner need to answer my email within 3 days, or I’ll announce a new winner.
6. The books will be posted at my own expense as soon as possible so please be patient if you are a winner outside of the UK!

Good luck and do check in later when I’ll be reviewing The Woman Who Walked in to Doors by Roddy Doyle.

Giveaway Ireland Month

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  1. I’d love to win this, and I’ll tell you why – my other half isn’t a reader, but he’s grabbed the Quick Reads book by Toddy Doyle and is enjoying it immensely. It’s great to see him reading something apart from the odd football biography, and even that’s a rare sight! Of course, I’d enjoy them too – but I like nothing better than persuading non-readers there IS a book for them, and finding them something they end up loving! I’m going to try and feature a few Irish authors this month too, Cathy, once I figure out what in my TBR pile will qualify!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, you’ve done well getting prizes together! I’ve heard great things about Stuart Neville (Ratlines is on my Wish List!) I’m not familiar with Eoin McNamee, but I’m sure he’s just as good. (Cathy – settle an argument for me – there’s a v handsome chap working in my small town at the moment, as the procurator fiscal; he’s Irish, and his name is Eoin McGinty. He’s caused quite a stir among the ladies, but there have been arguments over how you say his first name – is it pronounced like Owen or Ian? I’m not sure, and whenever I meet him he says, Hello Linda, and I reply, Hi Mr McGinty, as if I’m in school! So what is the correct pronunciation?!)


  2. I’ve never read any Roddy Doyle, though I’ve definitely heard of him a ton! I found a huge stack of his novels at my local used bookstore the other day… sometimes it astounds me, the stuff he has. I ended up grabbing a whole heap of stuff by Scottish and Irish authors from under a pile of James Patterson books!

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  3. I love Roddy Doyle’s writing. Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is likely my favourite but I think I’ve read 5 or 6 of his books. I know the Two Pints books are quite different from his other writing, but I like the idea of the humour and the observations of these two guys in the pub.
    I’m Canadian but I lived in Belfast and travelled in Ireland in the late 90s and still love to read Irish lit whenever I can.


  4. I haven’t read any Roddy Doyle before, but I’ve heard him mentioned in passing. However, the excerpt that you included was superb – it was like sitting in a pub and listening in on this strange conversation of these two characters. Now I have to read more!


  5. Shared via Twitter! I’ve heard so much about Doyle but haven’t read him… I don’t think. I definitely want to step up my Irish reading this month! R x


  6. I’ve not read these but I know what you mean about his dialogue. The banter in The Van left me in serious pain from giggling. Just in case I don’t win I had a couple of Guinness tonight on the way home – and to prepare myself properly for any disappointment I’ll have a couple tomorrow too!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Do love good banter & as yet to read any Roddy Doyle – despite copies of The Woman Who Walked Into Doors & The Snapper have lain neglected on my bookshelf for quite some time – seems daft not to throw me hat in the ring 😉

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  8. Thanks for setting up this giveaway. Love Roddy Doyle, as does my husband. I just finished Black Ascot, the latest Inspector Rutledge mystery. I’m now reading a few books: Elly Griffiths’ Dark Angel and John Boyne’s The Heart’s Invisible Furies. I like some series as these are like picking up again with old friends. I know the characters and want to know what they’re up to. The same goes for authors whom I really enjoy reading, such as Roddy Doyle and Sebastian Barry. I want to know what new characters and plots that they’ve developed. Anyhow, I’ll toast to a great month of Irish reading!


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