2017 Bookish Resolutions


Last year, in the first week of January I did a Top Ten Bookish resolutions post where I laid out my plans for the year for my blog.

This is what I hoped to achieve:

  1. To read at least 60 books

This, I managed. And then some. I read 74 books this year, although not all were off the 746.

2. To read 20 books by BAME authors

I didn’t manage this one at all. I read a mere 3 out of my planned 20. Must do better here, although I did read mostly women writers this year with 36 of the 47 books read from the TBR being by women.

3. To continue my book buying ban

The ban remains and gets easier the longer I go on. Although, anyone who saw my Christmas haul post will know that I’m not exactly suffering!


4. To redesign my blog

This didn’t happen due to a change in circumstances and a lack of time. Hell, at this point I’m just glad the blog is still going, so I think Lauren will be around for another while…

5.  To take part in the Woolfalong

Ali’s Woolfalong was one of the favourite book challenges I have taken part in since I started blogging and it meant that I finally read the incredible Mrs Dalloway.


6. To lose the guilt

Nope, didn’t happen. In fact, the guilt probably got worse and at times I thought of giving this whole blogging business up because I wasn’t giving it the time it needed. I’ll have to work on this one going into 2017!

7. To continue to explore Irish Literature and promote Reading Ireland Month

This is still one of my main priorities after the reduction of the TBR and if anything, my love of Irish literature has grown given how my new job means I am immersed in it!

8. To try and complete 20 Books of Summer

Done! Finally after 3 years I managed to read all 20 books.


9. To connect more through Instagram

I had a lot more fun on Instagram this year and would love to meet more of you there, so do follow me @cathy746books


10. To have fun!

I still had fun here at 746 books – I always do and that is mainly down to the lovely friends I have made through the blogging community.

So, what do I plan for 2017? My goals are similar, with just a few tweaks.

I’m going to try to read 70 books this year and as many of those I hope to be from the 746. I’m going to step away from Net Galley – which I don’t use too much and only for new Irish releases, but I really want to focus on getting closer to the 400s now I’ve seen how much I can read when I put my mind to it.

I also plan to read more. I know that sounds a bit strange coming from a book blogger, but often in the evenings, I stick on the telly regardless of what is on and waste a few hours that way. My husband and I have decided that we are going to spend more time reading and listening to music instead of watching Gogglebox and complaining that we never have any time to do the things we love.

I’m also going to continue to try and read a more diverse range of books, despite my abject failure to do so last year. I have a lot of books in the 746 to choose from so it’s just a matter of making the effort.


With regard to challenges – Reading Ireland Month will be back, as will 20 Books of Summer, both of which I love and would miss if I were to stop. I’ll keep an eye out for other reading challenges that I can find a book or two for, last year I really enjoyed the Jean Rhys and Beryl Bainbridge Reading Weeks, so if anyone is planning anything exciting, let me know!

I think a redesign is out of the question, this year I plan to just keep reading, keep reviewing and keep having fun.


What about you? Any bookish resolutions you want to share?






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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. No book resolutions for me – I’m simply going to try and know where my glasses are throughout 2017 ( it’s less a resolution and more a dig at my family as I think they’d miss my catchphrase ‘Has anybody seen my…..!). Good luck with the resolutions your end – I think you’re making a wise decision on ditching the redesign – I stopped my blog in 2014 to redesign it and still not restarted!

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  2. My bookish resolution is simple: read more books! Like you, I watch TV too much (Gogglebox included) and, when the programme is less interesting, surf on my mobile (and, yes, Instagram too). So, Read More is a good mantra, and that includes finishing Saturday’s papers before the next Saturday comes along!

    In fact, my only really official challenge this year is similar to yours: reducing Mount TBR. If, along the way, I include more female authors and more non-Anglocentric books, well, that’s a bonus.

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  3. Not sure if I’m impressed or depressed after reading your post! I can relate to the ‘turn off the telly’ vow; I should too! You’ve given me food for thought. Think I’ll draw up only 3 Reading Promises for 2017 – more do-able for me. Happy Reading!

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  4. Nice. My “reading resolution” is to try to strike a balance between spiritual writings and fiction (although, all reading is spiritual in my opinion, but that’s a different topic). Anyway, I plan to read one novelish type book, then one spiritual book, etc. As far as how many, just however many I can get to. As far as not buying more books, I gave up on that. I will always have unread books on my shelf, and I will always be inspired to buy new ones anyway. Not going to pressure myself in that area.

    Keep up the interesting posts. Love following your blog.


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  5. I would definitely like to be stronger on the turning-off-the-TV thing as well. But when you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over at the end of a long day, only Gogglebox will do. My book resolution is to (re)read more of the classics because they take me back to the happy days of being a keen teenage reader. Happy New Year!

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  6. Have followed your blog for about two years now and always look forward to your post on your progress with the 746 however frequent or infrequent so please don’t feel guilty. I also have been working on reading mainly from my own stacks but do get sidetracked by loans from friends and my local library especially since I am getting more used to borrowing and reading ebooks.

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  7. I’m glad to hear that Reading Ireland Month will be back! I loved reading everybody else’s posts last time, and of course, I have a ton of books by Irish authors on my TBR list right now that I’m excited to write about. 🙂

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  8. Given your lot last year- good and bad Cathy – you never cease to amaze me! Love hearing about your goals … I’m still trying to record what I did read last year so only got very sketchy resolutions at the minute but absolutely agree 6 and 10 should take precedent😀 Have some gems lined up for March as Reading Ireland is a must (providing no unforeseen floods, locusts, plagues etc) x

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  9. Given your whole blog is a huge resolution, I’m so impressed that you make further ones! I’m trying to work up to a book-buying ban, but I don’t know if I can do it…

    I’ll be with you for Reading Ireland month – looking forward to it!

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  10. Don’t do resolutions. My bookish goal is to finish editing several short stories and a novel. As far as reading is concerned, I plan on reading one book a month. Maybe re-reading one of the books I love and haven’t read in a while. I am thinking The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata, Deep River by Shusaku Endo and The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene. All wonderful reads. As you can tell, I tend to read slow. Like my momma used to say, chew every bite and enjoy the flavor. One thing I have learned is that when you’re as slow a reader as I am, then you tend to pick the best of the bunch. It has been a while since I reviewed a book on my blog. Maybe I will do that this year.

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  11. I hit my Goodreads goal of 101 books and will do so again. We don’t watch TV, just an occasional movie and I deleted my game apps, so reading in the evenings is my way of unwinding. The problem is I often fall asleep if teaching has been too hectic. One resolution is to revisit a few classics that were made into film such as The African Queen, and another is to read at least one nonfiction for every fiction.

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  12. I am also looking forward to your blog, especially the Irish month. I have made some form of resolutions, but not in cement. I hope to do more writing, and only read for fun and enjoyment with less books for review and to approach each book with ‘great expectations.’

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  13. Not having a television is one of the main ways I maximize reading time. We haven’t had one for several years, and now that you need a licence to watch iPlayer we don’t even watch catch-up services.

    Just found you on Instagram…but with a slightly different account name?

    I wish you a wonderful year of reading!

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  14. I don’t do resolutions but having thought about it, I kind of have for my reading:
    – more from my own shelves – I have hundreds of unread books I bought myself because I wanted to read them that keep being neglected for the new
    – have a short story collection on the go at all times
    – read books by Irish women in advance of March so I can take part in Reading Ireland even though it clashes with The Bailey’s Prize longlist (at least I know this now and can plan for it).

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  15. Dubliners would be marvelous, if others have not read it. I read it several times at different times of my life and came away with a new perspective each time I did.

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  16. Glad to know you will be keeping Reading Ireland and 20 books of summer alive again this year – thoroughly enjoyed these. Im also going to cut back on NetGalley – Ive found so many of the ones I got last year disappointing…..

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  17. I just finished reading a book by another Canadian author who was born in Ireland (also living in Newfoundland), and now I wish I had saved it for March, so I could write another Reading Atlantic Canada meets Reading Ireland post! Oh well, maybe there’ll be another one. 🙂
    Happy New Year, Cathy!

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  18. No book serious resolutions, but informal ones are to read more (that’s a given) and to read more form the TBR (that’s also a given).

    I tried to find you by searching cathy746books on Instagram but it said “no records found” I’m there too as whisperinggums. If you can find me then I’d be happy to connect.

    And please, never feel guilty. This is supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun, don’t do it – but that would be sad, so work on not feeling guilty. It’s good to have goals and ambitions but in our personal time they should be enjoyable ones, not ones that make us feel bad if we don’t achieve them. So there! The oracle has spoken.


  19. Sorry I’ve not been popping by much! Been trying to read as much as possible and once you’re on the internet you get lost for too many pleasurable hours! I am SO behind – I still have to do my round-up post from 20 Books Of Summer. I think I managed five, then went off my list and read a good few others! Seems ridiculous to do it now but I hate leaving things unfinished! Ditto with my books of the year – I know what they are, I just need to do a post and some mini-reviews on them. And there are a few books waiting to be reviewed. So resolutions – stop leaving things undone! Read more, and try and read some nonfiction – it does take longer, but I’m missing it! And I’ll try and fit a few Irish books in – crime, no doubt – as part of your Irish Reading Month. And, finally, get with it tech-wise – this has been a resolution since I started!

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