Bookish and Not so Bookish Thoughts


As I’m still getting back into the swing of things after Reading Ireland Month, I thought I would ease myself in with a Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts post which is hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous

  • Anyone who has read my blog for long enough will know I’m a bit of an 80s baby, so imagine my delight when I got to meet JOHN CUSACK last week. Yep, you read it right. Me. And Mr John Cusack! John came to the Belfast Film Festival for a special ‘In Conversation’ event was as intelligent, funny and witty as you would expect. After the event, he was signing copies of his book Things That Can and Cannot Be Said, written with Arundhati Roy. My friend bought me a copy so I wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to speak to my favourite leading man, although when it came my turn to get my book signed, I found myself completely unable to speak at all. I was so totally star struck that when he asked me if I spelled my name with a ‘K’, I said ‘Sure!’
I know you can’t see much under that baseball cap, but I SWEAR that’s John Cusack….


Now, if I could just meet Kevin Bacon, I could die a happy woman…

  • Can we just for a minute talk about Big Little Lies and how bloody AMAZING it was? I hadn’t read the book, but I inhaled the TV show which was smart, thrilling and completely refreshing. The finale was one of the best hours of television I’ve ever seen. I got into a lengthy discussion with friends on Facebook about how this show would have got so much more attention if it had featured the same story but with four male protagonists, played by Oscar nominated/ winning actors. I saw Big Little Lies being disparaged and called trashy in a way it simply wouldn’t have if it had been about the messy lives of four men. I, for one, would love more television like this – I’ve never seen domestic violence depicted with such intelligence, insight and sensitivity. Brilliant, brilliant television.


  • I’ve booked the family summer holiday to the West of Ireland again and, of course, that gets me thinking about the 20 Books of Summer Challenge! I wasn’t sure if I would do it again, but I think I will. I need to shave off some of the TBR and it is always a great incentive to read, read read! Anyone else planning on joining in?


  • Last night I went to see the Lyric Theatre Belfast’s fantastic production of John Logan’s Red, which is based on the artistic life of Mark Rothko. It was a really wonderful, passionate and often thrilling show which made this hardened Rothko detractor think again about his work. I reviewed the show for No More Workshorse and you can read my review here.


  •  And finally this week, it was Mr 746’s birthday so there was cake, chocolate, cake and more cake. And some wine. Of course!

What has been the highlight of your week? Do share!


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  1. 1. John Cusack – LUCKY! JEALOUS!, 2. I agree re Big Little Lies. It’s so clever and drip-fed. I haven’t seen the end yet so desperately avoiding spoilers left, right and centre, but very much enjoying it. My only gripe is that the scenes with the teacher’s handling of the possible bullying seemed off – but otherwise superb. 3. NIce cake

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  2. John Cusack!!! I always liked him, too!
    Big Little Lies: I read the book in anticipation of the series and thought the series was pretty good as far as sticking to the main story though the extramarital affair was a bit “huh?” and didn’t seem to add anything to the mix overmuch. I did think the ending, while similar to the book’s, was edited so horribly, that it was very difficult to follow and figure out exactly what happened if you didn’t already know. (i.e. Jane’s recall, did anyone actually realize it other than the viewer? I think I need to watch it again) And of course, in the book, the ending had more detail so you could follow the thread from (trying not to spoil it for others) one revelation, to a second, to the trigger to the ultimate cause of the death and what “they” said and why. I thought it was more about the bully, the effects of the domestic violence than than the domestic violence itself. In the book at least. You didn’t really get that from the series ending.
    I liked the casting, as well and yes, the domestic violence was depicted very well. Insidious, creepy, and (though I have no first hand experience) it felt very realistic.

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  3. Haha, I like that John Cusack story as well. 🙂 The highlight of my week? Spontaneously booking a little getaway during Spring Break. I will try to convince the kids to sit in front of the fireplace with me and do nothing but read. Maybe I can bribe them with chocolate… (Of course I will do 20 Books of Summer with you!)

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  4. I would have been just as starstruck as you were if I met John Cusack!!! Oh my goodness! High Fidelity, Say Anything, Grosse Pointe Blank??
    I’m glad to hear you’re doing 20 Books of Summer again – I’ll be there!
    That cake looks delicious! Happy Birthday to Mr. 746!

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  5. I live in hope that you meet Kevin Bacon as well (and that it somehow leads to me getting to meet him as well haha). Now I want to binge on John Hughes films.

    My highlight was being in Cornwall for the weekend at my cousin’s wedding. It was stunning.

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  6. I have not been up to anything exciting. In fact, I have been trying to do the opposite and do as little as possible, as it has been the first week of the Easter break! And, if the 20 Books of Summer Challenge takes place I will be there with you 🙂

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  7. Oh God, I think I would have dissolved into a pool in front of John Cusack. That is seriously cool. And I had no idea he’d written a book! Also, count me in for 20 books. 😊

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  8. Agree that Big Little Lies was well done… but don’t read the book. The DV in the book sat alongside jokes about yummy-mummies and I had a problem with it (but I think I was in the minority…).

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  9. Such a good point about BIG LITTLE LIES — I am dying to watch it! It is next on my list. Would have ABSOLUTELY grabbed more attention with a Matt Damon/Brad Pitt/Ryan Reynolds esque casting. But I’ve heard Nicole Kidman was phenomenal!

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