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  • It’s Man Booker Shortlist Day! Given that there were three Irish writers on the longlist, there was always a chance that at least one would make it. Congratulations to Anna Burns, although I was surprised that Sally Rooney didn’t make it given she was the bookie’s favourite and I was disappointed not to see Donal Ryan make it as I love his writing and have heard great things about From a Low and Quiet Sea.
  • Are you all watching Killing Eve? If not, do! It’s fantastic. Sharp, dark and hilarious with three fantastic female leads – a revelatory Jodie Comer, the wonderful Sandra Oh and Fiona Shaw, doing her best not to steal the whole show. Like Big Little Lies, it’s great to see a show where the female characters are fully formed in their own right and not presented in relation to the men in their lives.
  • At the moment I’m taking part in the RIP Challenge and am reading all things spooky. This week I watched the Japanese horror film – Pulse. I’m a big fan of Japanese horror, they excel at a quiet, creeping dread rather than obvious jumpy scares and Pulse didn’t disappoint.

It may have been slightly too long (at 2 hours) but it had some very creepy moments, and I have to admit that when I had to go out to the garage in the dark to get something, I was a little bit freaked out!

  • The tail end of Storm Ali hit Northern Ireland yesterday with high winds and rain and it now feels like Autumn is finally here! I’ve done the Great Wardrobe Change Over, got my knits and boots ready and am eyeing up winter coats like this one….
  • Last week I was lucky enough to go to the opening night of Good Vibrations – a new play at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast. Based on the film Good Vibrations, this play with music tells the true story of Belfast living legend Terri Hooley who opened a record shop in Belfast at the height of the Troubles, started his own record label for Belfast punk bands and introduced the world (and John Peel) to Teenage Kicks by The Undertones.
Good Vibes

The transition from screen to stage worked really well and fantastic performances, live music throughout and an encore from Terri Hooley himself made for a great night. You can read my review of the show over on No More Workhorse and if you haven’t seen the BAFTA-nominated movie then do check it out as it is fantastic fun!

  • This week at HomePlace we announced an extra special show – the amazing Ciaran Hinds is coming! He’ll be taking part in a reading and performance of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale in November. The question is, will I be able to remain professional? The man was in Frozen for god’s sake!
Ciaran resized
  • I’m always happy to hear new music from my all-time favourite artist Mr Tom Waits and his new song is a cover of an old anti-fascist folk ballad ‘Bella Ciao’ performed in collaboration with guitarist Marc Ribot. Really, Tom can do no wrong in my eyes, but still. This is a great bloody song.

Has anyone else been watching any good creepy movies?

I am the only person to do a twice-yearly Great Wardrobe Changeover?

Should I buy that coat?


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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. I read your blog to discover new things!
    1. Man Booker shortlist – I’ll try to read 3 before 16 Oct ( Washington Black, Milkman and ??? (undecided)
    2. Coat is beautiful…I can’t remember when I bought a overcoat…I live in rain gear on the bike in The Netherlands!
    3. C. Hinds! OMG …I just read about him and saw a close up foto: he looks exactly like a fierce Roman Gaius Julius Caesar should look like! (Seris: Rome, 2006)
    4. Theatre: I’m stlll so jealous of you opportuinty to see all that is Irish! Remember your post about Cillian Murphy in “Grief is a Thing with Feathers.”
    5. Trying so hard to find ‘Killing Eve’” anywhere on TV (dutch) Netflix, HBO…the search continues.


  2. “KIlling Eve” is awesome. I loved it (much preferred it to “Big Little Lies” actually, although I think there are some strong performances in there too). It’s the first show in years which had me wanting to rewatch immediately! Also loved “Pulse” and I can’t believe you watched it alone – how cheeky! 🙂 As for the Booker list, I’m glad one of the Irish writers remains; one Canadian remains as well. I haven’t been following the prize very closely for a few years now, but I’m starting to rethink that stance. In the meantime, I will be reading Esi Edudyan’s Washington Black, as I quite enjoyed her last novel (Half-Blood Blues), but I doubt I’ll get to any of the others for awhile yet.


  3. That is a gorgeous coat! If you like the way it feels on you then you should definitely buy it.
    I wanted Ryan to make it too, I thought his novel was unusual and risk-taking. The Burns is something else, in all the good ways. I never highlight on my ereader but I kept clicking passages because they were so good.


  4. A very busy week. I do not watch or read horror anymore, especially living alone. Good for you to watch it by yourself. I will stick with my sweet romances and Christmas stories for now. Have a great weekend.


  5. I’ve just read Conversations with Friends. I did start off annoyed with how self involved the characters were but in the end the insights won me round. When I was 20 my life looked a bit like the ones in CwF/Normal People, and I think there’s definitely an element of me looking back from my 40s and wanting to tell the author/characters that they’re not as cool/anti-cool as they think they are just for having these polyamorous lifestyles. The themes are too inward looking to be proper Booker winning material, I think.
    Killing Eve is next on my list, after I’ve got through the Bodyguard.


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