20 Books of Summer – how was it for you?

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Well, that’s it for another year.

20 Books of Summer ended yesterday and for myself, it has been a great success.

All 5199 pages were read and then some!

I read all 20 books – although a lot of those review were mini ones, which I had promised myself I would try to avoid. Time constraints meant that full reviews just weren’t possible this time round. Maybe next year…although I say that every year.

I still have one book to review – The Group by Mary McCarthy – which I finished on Monday evening, just in time! I might not have done all my reviews, but I am still calling it a win.

And as an added bonus, I’ve knocked another 20 off the 746 meaning that I am nearly in the 400’s!

I think a lot of the success of my challenge this year is down to the fact that I picked well and really enjoyed nearly all of my choices.

Standouts were Amongst Women by John McGahern; Night Waking by Sarah Moss and Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton.

I did swap out one book, choosing Clear by Nicola Barker in place of The Mortgaged Heart by Carson McCullers, although I do still plan to read the McCullers at some point.


The rest were good solid reads, with a nice mix between fiction and non-fiction (and some where those lines blurred). I have found, since last year, that if I read other books as well, I am more likely to read in general and hence am more successful.

It’s an odd system but it seems to work for me so on top of my 20 I also read another 16 books. 30 Books of Summer anyone?!

So, how did you all do?

This challenge wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without so many people taking part, so thanks to you all for your posts, reviews and tweets – I wish I could have kept up with all your posts more.

Here’s to next year!

20 Books of Summer The 746

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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. Thanks for hosting once again Cathy. This is such a great incentive to reduce my tbr pile every winter.
    This year I not only competed the 20 book challenge, but managed to finish another 5 books as well. 2 are still to be reviewed.
    The best would have to be a tie between The Overstory by Richard Powers and The Yield by Tara June Winch.

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  2. It was blooming fabulous taking part once more so thank you again for hosting! I’d be stuffed without swapping books from my list but do enoy the process of making the list in the first place! Bring on the 30 books of summer 2020 haha!!

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  3. I read 19/25 books on my list. I wish I had thought about swapping, I wound up having to read a couple not on my original list because last minute ARCs I was approved for. I did not get all my reviews in, many are still in my drafts folder and will be posted, hopefully, this month. Overall, this has been a great challenge and I have to thank you for hosting it! It’s inspired me to make an Autumn TBR list because having the list to hold me accountable has been great for meeting some other reading goals.


  4. Well, I’m on book 15 aaaand plan to keep on going till im done! I think reading off the posay was the most fun 😁 Best book was the very first, Winter Journal by Paul Auster, pending the next 5 (currently trading My Brilliant Friend, a contender).
    Thank you for hosting!!

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  5. I read 24 books in the time period, but unfortunately, only 10 from my 20 Books of Summer list.
    I made two mistakes:
    1. I left all reading challenge (apart from All August / All Virago) and review books off my list, and also all Kindle books.
    2. I managed to have a breakdown in August, had a few days when I could not read at all and then couldn’t face reading the non-fiction I’d chosen for myself – but also didn’t want to swap them out.
    But I’m happy I got 10 books off the TBR (and one more that I swapped out when I really didn’t fancy it) so all good and on to next year.
    Thank you for running the challenge again!
    Here are my 10 books with links to their reviews: https://librofulltime.wordpress.com/about/20-books-of-summer/

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  6. Thank you for hosting 20Books, Cathy! I’ve finished 8 of the 10 books I had initially planned – and the stand out for me was definitely Middlemarch! I am really glad to have read it this summer 🙂 I am late with the reviews for the books I read, though… I hope I manage to post them until the end of the year!

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  7. My first year taking part in this and I loved it, I did wonder if I would make it, but like you I did on Monday as well. I did swap a couple of books from my original list and also read a few that were not part of the challenge. Bring on next year xx

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  8. Well done! I read exactly 20 books this summer, but only 10 of them were on my list. I’m happy with that, though, as I’ve had a busy few months with less time for reading than usual. Looking forward to trying again next year! 🙂

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  9. I loved this challenge! I managed to read 25 books and review 22, and while I naturally read over 20 books, I really had to push myself to write reviews for all of them. Out of 22 reviews, 18 made it to my blog and 4 mini ones will forever remain on my Goodreads page 😀

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  10. I read 40 books over the three months of 20 Books of Summer – but only 8 of them were from my 20 Books pile – and one of those was a swap. But that’s 8 fewer books on the TBR shelves. I tell myself that even if reading the full 20 is achievable alongside all the other distractions, picking 20 gives me more choice of which books actually get read. I am such a cheat. But I will be back next year for more – thanks for hosting this challenge.

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  11. 20 was always overly ambitious for me – I just can’t resist making lists! 😂 But I read 15 – with a number of swaps. Of course I totally failed to write 15 reviews 🤷 What can I say! 😁 It was great fun and I learnt from it so maybe next year I’ll do better (and be more realistic). And I will review a number of these summer reads. Eventually! Need to put together a summary post first I think. Thanks for hosting this Cathy, this was my first year and I’ll certainly try it again 😊

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  12. I read 26 over the three months, and 16 from my list! (Which is more from the list than I would have guessed…) I still have to blog a few of them though.

    Congratulations on knocking down that TBR pile and thanks for hosting! It’s been fun.

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  13. I’m afraid Cathy this was my worst year taking part in this challenge, so far. I read 6 of the books off my list of 10… although I did read 10 books in summer just 4 of them weren’t off my list. Oh well, I enjoyed my reading and there is always next year! 😉

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  14. Congratulations, Cathy! I managed to read 29 books over the summer (so, ‘yes, maybe’ to 30 Books of Summer next year) but only 10 came from the original list (or ‘maybe not’). I left off book group choices and review books which probably didn’t help how much I had to swap out some books out for others. (I’ll know better for next year.) But I did read some books I’d wanted to read and that had been bumped for review books, so it felt good to read those. I only managed to post a couple of reviews, although I intend to post more of those.

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