20 Books of Summer ’20 – how was it for you?

Well, that’s it for another year – 20 Books of Summer ends tomorrow and what a blast it’s been.

Over 150 of you wonderful people took part and for the first year ever, I managed to read and review every book without having to do any wrap up posts! I call that a major win, but I do have to acknowledge that lockdown really helped me with the challenge this year as I had more free time to read and write reviews.

So here they are, my 20 books – most good, some excellent and none disappointing! Not a bad summer of reading.

So, how did you all do? No matter what the outcome, I hope you all enjoyed taking part. It’s a really important part of my reading year and helps me focus and knock some books off the 746, so, all being well, I’ll see you all again next year!

In the world of book blogging though, the challenges never stop and I am currently planning for the RIP (R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril) which always puts me in a wonderfully autumnal mood.

I’ll be posting my options next week!You can follow along with the challenge on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ripxv

Do let me know how you all got on with your summer reading and what bookish plans you have lined up for the autumn!

20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge The 746

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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. Well done! You picked such an interesting variety of books, and it seems like there were no duds in the bunch.
    I have my reviews of my final two scheduled for tomorrow.
    I can’t believe it’s time for another challenge already! I usually wait until closer to Halloween to choose a few spooky reads.


  2. Congratulations on your success. I didn’t do so great but I still got some books read so I am happy with what I did read. I’m going to be hopefully sharing my wrap up post in the next day or so.


  3. I’ve enjoyed taking part. Thank you and well done on hitting your target. I read 18 of my original 20 choices but read a few others too so did read 20 books. It was good to focus and reduce the TBR marginally!


  4. Congratulations! I managed to read and review 20 books as well for the first summer ever (though I had to do a bit of chopping and changing because I was over-optimistic about the delivery of books ordered online).


  5. Congratulations, Cathy! I didn’t realize you read What the Dead Know. I recently read that too! I’m going to pop over to read your review. I didn’t read 20 books – but I read some good ones!


  6. Well done you! My pile of 20 was very ambitious, and my summer didn’t go quite like I hoped, but I *almost* made it. I’m about halfway through the last book, except for the giant tome project, which is going to take longer to finish — but I read over 500 pages (of 800+) this summer so I’m counting it. I haven’t written the last few blog posts, either. I’m pretty happy!


  7. I managed 17 although I still have two reviews to write. A few of mine were very chunky and I went off piste from time to time. Thanks for organising it, I really enjoyed it.


  8. I hit my target of 10 books this year, and 7 were on my original list. I actually read 13 books over the summer, but the other 3 I’ve counted as Women in Translation Month reads. I’m ploughing on with my original list of 10 Books of Summer, and will read the ones that got pushed off by substitute reads this month. Unless more library reservations come in, that is!

    This was my second year of taking part and I’m thinking about next year already!


  9. I managed 20 books and I am delighted about that – I’d never have done it without this challenge. Thank you so much for hosting it.

    I did do a bit of swapping towards the end, and I have by no means reviewed everything yet, but I enjoyed this so much and will definitely plan to take part again next year. I was lucky enough to be able to do a lot of my reading on a seat beside the River Dee, which made it all so much more pleasurable – even if I have had to take a flask of coffee this last week to warm myself up (autumn has definitely arrived in NE Scotland.)

    Here is my wrap-up post: http://sconesandchaiseslongues.blogspot.com/2020/09/reader-i-made-it.html

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  10. Aw, well done on completing and reviewing all your books, Cathy, and not a disappointing one among them is amazing, too! I only finished 6 of my 10 books, but I enjoyed them all and one of them was Wolf Hall, so must count for at least two books really, right?! 😉 Looking forward to taking part next year and now I am planning my RIP reading as well. 😃


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