Reading Roulette – September Edition!

Now that 20 Books of Summer is done and dusted, it is back to the grind of bringing that 746 down another few notches.

I have some books lined up for October and November to coincide with the RIP Challenge, Novella November and Non-Fiction November, but September’s reading plans are pretty relaxed at the moment.

Which is why I am handing one of my choices over to you! Reading Roulette is when I put my literary fate in your capable hands and ask you to pick my next read.

You have picked me some great winners in the past – Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt and Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier. Who will join them this time round? I have six possibilities to choose from, so have a look and cast your vote on the poll.

Maybe you’ll choose a book because you loved it? Or because you still have to read it too? Whatever the reason, get voting and I’ll read the winner before the month is out.

I’ll keep the poll open until Sunday 6 September so let’s see if you can pick me my new favourite read! Click on the titles to go through to the books’ descriptions on Goodreads.

This Mortal Boy by Fiona Kidman

The only book in the pile that isn’t one of my 746, Fiona Kidman’s most recent book is a fictionalised account of the life and death of Albert Black, Belfast born but one of the last men to be executed in New Zealand.

The Beautiful and the Damned by F Scott Fitzgerald

It’s hard to say how long I’ve had this book, but I did go through a phase of buying LOTS of these Penguin Twentieth Century Classics in the early ‘90s so this one is probably well overdue a read!

The Children of Men by PD James

I featured this in one of my recent Six Degrees posts and if it gets chosen, will be my first reading encounter with PD James.

The Spare Room by Helen Garner

I’m a big fan of Helen Garner’s non-fiction and really like the sound of this novella about a woman who tries to care for a friend who has cancer.

Homer and Langley by EL Doctorow

I was reminded to dig out my copy of this book by a reference to Homer and Langley Collyer in Christina Hesselholdt’s Vivian. Famous hoarders, these brothers became infamous for their compulsive hoarding in their New York home in the 1940’s.

The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud

I read and loved The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud and this one, set in New York, comes with a lot of fellow book blogger’s recommendations.

I can’t wait to see what you pick for me! If you can’t see the poll here (which I think happens sometimes when you a reading through the WordPress app) either go to the website directly, or let me know your choice in the comments!

UPDATE! I finally got my poll to show up this evening (Friday 2nd) and I’ve entered all the votes in the comments into the poll, so if you’ve mentioned a book then there is no need to vote again!

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  1. I’d say go with the P D James, entirely apt for 2020 (as it’s set around now) with its themes of populism, cronyism, human malaise, paranoia etc. It’s also quite literary and replete with religious symbolism, as I suggest in this review:
    Oh, and watch the brilliant Cuaròn film afterwards with Clive Owen — I’m currently re-watching it (paused halfway through because of, you know, well, life).

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  2. Hmmm… I couldn’t see the poll??
    My vote is for the Fitzgerald. Of course, I should give my vote to the Aus writer, Garner, however I have a poor history with this particular book – I’ve picked it up three times, and each time I’ve started it, there’s been a cancer diagnosis within my circle, and so I put it aside. Safe to say I will probably never read it! (note that one of those diagnoses was my own – I had a stage II melanoma a few years ago and I was quite literally reading the book when my doctor called with the news. I was in surgery three days later – did not take The Spare Room with me as my hospital reading….).

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  3. I haven’t read any of these! I’ve voted for the Claire Messud as I’d like to read something by her and I’m interested to see how you get on with this one. Although your thoughts on Children of Men would also be welcome as I like PD James’s crime fiction but didn’t get on with the Cuaron film.

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  4. I can’t see the poll in the reader or the site, but my vote is for The Beautiful and Damned, which I read the first fifty pages of a year ago, enjoyed tremendously, and then never picked up again for some reason. Maybe you can inspire me to finish it!

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  5. Is there a poll? I’m on your site, not the reader, and I can’t see it. Anyway, my vote is for The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud. It’s apt for September, but my lips are sealed as to why if you don’t already know.

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  6. I don’t know this particular P D James but you can’t go wrong with her usually. But I’m actually voting for Mortal Boy because every review I have read of this has talked about how fabulous it is. It’s on my TBR.

    I looked up some info on polls in block editor and you have to create an account with something called crowdsignal. Here are the instructions


    • Thanks for your help Karen – I’ve created the crowdsignal account and the poll shows up in drafts. One person could see it on the website but no one else so it must be a WordPress glitch. If they answered their Help tickets that would be a bonus. Strangely, I actually quite like Block Editor but this has been frustrating.


  7. Although The Beautiful and the Damned is an amazing book (better than Gatsby, if you ask me), I’m going to push for Homer and Langley by EL Doctorow – because it sounds VERY interesting and I’d like to read it. I haven’t read Doctorow in ages!


  8. I’m going for the Fitzgerald but only because I’m thinking of reading it soon. I’m struggling with the block editor too, so I’m glad to read that others are – I didn’t have a choice my site one day just opened to it (there were tears!)

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  9. I voted for The Children of Men because I only heard of it recently (maybe from you, in fact) and it sounds so different from her usual kind of thing, so I’d like you to tell me whether I should be adding it to my TBR… 😉


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