Sunday Praise: What’s made me happy this week?

Isn’t it funny that I thought things were tough last week? It seems that last week was just a trial run for the last seven days which have probably been the most stressful of all of lockdown.

Northern Ireland is back on pretty much full lockdown mode. The kids have been sent home from school. My work has had to close again and the new programme I had put in place has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. The uncertainty is hard to take.

And yet, as always, there were moment of happiness to give praise for. Long may they continue.

  • An early morning trip to the beach at Cushendun did us all the power of good. We had to dodge the Game of Thrones tour buses to get down to the caves, but it was worth it.
  • I really enjoyed taking part in last week’s 1956 Club and this week the next Club was announced. 1936 is a great year and at first glance, I have two books I can read.
  • I got very lucky with my timing and managed to get my hair done the day before all hairdressers had to close. Phew!
  • The twins school brought Halloween dress-up day forward by a week so they got to wear their costumes. And they looked marvellous 😁
  • The Irish Times are clearly taking a leaf out of my book and this week asked Irish actors, writers and celebrities what reasons they had to be cheerful. From Emma Donoghue’s love of Schitt’s Creek to Sinead O’Connor’s dog, this will really cheer you up!
  • Utopia has been one of my favourite TV shows of recent times. The US remake aired this week but we decided instead to rewatch the original. It is even better than I remembered, although the storyline about a fake virus, created specifically to give the population a shady vaccine felt a bit too close to the bone!
  • I spent the weekend doing some plotting and planning for a new challenge on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement tomorrow!

So, what in your life deserves some praise this week? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Praise

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  1. I got a haircut, too, yesterday. I decided to get my fringe cut back in, after the lockdown experiment of growing it out started to annoy me! I feel like myself again, which feels a lot more significant in the current times than I thought it would.
    I planned my virtual birthday bash for the end of the month, and am looking forward to seeing faces I haven’t seen in ages. I might carve a pumpkin.
    The joy of Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding’s presenting chemistry on Bake Off gets better and better, as does the joy of Tom Allen on Extra Slice.
    We’ve just started the fourth season of Schitt’s Creek, something else that gets better and better.
    Our cat going crazy for her feather wand, galloping around the house chasing after it fills me with glee.

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  2. Hi Cathy – schools are getting ready to reopen here. I’m wondering how long that will last, but I guess they have to try. I hope your shut-down restrictions ease and the situation in Ireland improves. That’s great you got in your hair appointment. I missed out last year and had to go a very long time before I got in, just to get a haircut. I booked another appointment in a few weeks for the whole works just in case. I’ve seen enough of my natural hair color! Take care.


  3. I’m sorry that your week was tougher again this week – I expect we are going to be locked down again by the end of the week here too, although I desperately hope not as I have my first in-person teaching sessions since March this week and I’m so much looking forward to actually seeing my students, not just teaching into a black screen! In terms of things I’m feeling positive about, I am extremely excited about the new series of Star Trek Discovery that has just started. I’m watching the first episode with a friend (remotely) tonight!


  4. I am sorry to hear Ireland is pretty much back in full lockdown mode, but thank God you still have lots of lovely little joys to be thankful for. I can sympathise as I am currently isolating at home, because one of our pupils text positive for Covid, however thankfully they still only have a high temperature and are otherwise feeling okay, and no one else in our year group ‘bubble’ is showing any symptoms. Hopefully you and I won’t be cooped up for too long! 🙏🙂


  5. How frustrating that your programme would be cancelled just as you’d gotten it all sorted. Sigh. I hope your kids thrive at home. I have family and friends who’ve had their kids home all the time since March and it seems to really depend whether they can cope with online learning or need the stimulation of in-person classes.

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  6. Oof, sorry to hear about the new lockdown. I saw NI numbers were not great but didn’t think it was that bad. Ours aren’t great either but our gov’t doesn’t seem keen on moving backwards… kids are thankfully still in school.
    Their costumes look great, glad they had a chance to wear them. Will they go trick or treating (is that a thing where you live?)


  7. I’m sorry things have been getting worse. Hope the closures will have a good effect. Our local schools are opening tomorrow for the first time since March, so I sure hope it goes well! It’s been very hard on the kids and I’m ready to send my poor 17yo to school solely for the sake of her mental health. And I’m due for a haircut on Wednesday — I needed one six months ago when the salons closed, so I’m thrilled to have some of them open again. Crossing fingers that all this doesn’t make cases spike so we have to do it all over again. Bleh. (They’ve already decided to hold college classes online next semester, which means I can’t go back to work at all! I do not like working from home. Nope.)


    • My twins were delighted to go back to school last month so I really hope it’s just a two week break and nothing more than that! The taste of normality has spoiled us I think and it feels harder to go back to severe restrictions this time than it did at the start.

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  8. Your kids’ costumes are amazing! I’m sorry you’ve had a tough week – it must be so hard to go back into lockdown. I was momentarily surprised to see you mention Emma O’Donoghue as an Irish writer because here in Canada we fully claim her as one of our own!


  9. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Secondly, I really love the beauty of Northern Ireland and wish I could be over there hanging out right now.


  10. I am very sorry to hear that your area is shut down again. I believe the States will be soon, as well. Our numbers continue to go up and yet people are becoming more careless about precautions. Pandemic fatigue, is what they are calling it. No change of a salon opening here so I resorted to trimming my own long layers. Long layers are forgiving but I needed to because they were so ragged.
    Those costumes are great. Not sure how Halloween will go here. I kind of feel like it will be bigger than ever which would not be good.
    Not sure I could wrap my brain around Utopia at the moment. I am gearing up for Hallmark Christmas movies which begin in a few days.


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