Sunday Praise: What’s Made Me Happy This Week?

  • Next Tuesday, Edna O’Brien will turn 90 and will give the TS Eliot Lecture to be aired on the YouTube channel of the Abbey Theatre – a date for the diary! In the meantime, this is a wonderful interview published in the Guardian today.
  • This footage of Philip Springer (composer of Santa Baby) playing Moonlight Sonata at 94 was just amazing – what a beautiful pianist.
  • I love that the actual Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs confirmed this week in the Dáil (the Irish equivalent of the House of Commons) that Santa has been deemed an essential worker and has been made exempt from the need to quarantine. Wonderful stuff.
  • This weekend we watched Game Night and I haven’t laughed so much at a movie in ages!
  • I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the art of Kay Nielsen
  • Horrible Histories is very popular in this house, and as funny as the programme is, the outtakes are even funnier. What is it about watching people giggle that is so amusing?
  • Northern Ireland’s third lockdown ended on Friday and although I plan to stay quite close to home over Christmas, it’s nice to have a few treats planned for next week – a coffee with friends, a haircut (yay!) and a trip to No Alibis Bookstore!
  • I am loving Guy Garvey’s show on Radio 6 Music on a Sunday, so much so that I always have a pen and paper around to write down the names of tracks I love.This week he played a beauty of a seasonal song from the wonderful Jesca Hoop.

So, what in your life deserves some praise this week? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Praise

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  1. That’s a good idea with writing down the tracks. That’s why I don’t listen to more 6 Music – I know I like it but the individual songs can blur into noise so I couldn’t say what I’d just heard. I do like Jesca Hoop.


  2. A cup of tea in a friend’s house.
    We in Melbourne had, I think, one of the longest, toughest lockdowns in the world, and I hadn’t been *inside* a friend’s house since all this started.
    I’m still absorbing the significance of that myself.


  3. Glad to hear Santa has a travel exemption 🙂 Much to the relief of little people across Australia our State Premiers had to make that same announcement confirming that Easter Bunny had permission to travel interstate!
    The footage of the people walking/sliding/crawling along the icy footpaths is hilarious!

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  4. That candy. I’ve not seen those here!
    Things I am grateful for: I was gifted a very warm, cable knit throw with my name on it for my 25 years of service at the University. It will actually be 26 years this January but 2020’s celebratory event was cancelled so I thought that was it. It showed up on my doorstep and let me tell you, it’s the coziest blanket. My dog has taken it over but nevertheless, when I can share it with her it’s so warm and cozy and improves my foul mood immediately. I’ve been struggling in the Christmas Cheer department and our colors are RED so the blanket looks so Christmassy too.


  5. I’m glad so many things made you happy this week, Cathy. Game Night is a fun movie! I like Jason Bateman.
    Baking Christmas sugar cookies with my son made me very happy last week. 🙂 He was excited to do it, which made it all the more fun.


  6. Oh those poor people in Ukraine on the icy pavement! Why is watching people fall over repeatedly on ice so funny? I remember a walk home from school, back in the 80s when we still had properly cold winters, laughing until I cried as my friend slipped five times on the same spot. My attempts to help keep her upright were hampered by my laughing fit.


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