Sunday Praise: What’s Made Me Happy This Week?

Things are getting tough now. Northern Ireland has just come out of Lockdown 3 and it has been announced that as of Boxing Day, we are going back into full lockdown for 6 weeks, with only schools opening. No going to work, no shops, and worst of all, families will not even be allowed to meet up outside in private gardens. England and Wales have it worse, with lockdown coming into force last night and Christmas plans in disarray.

As we edge closer to a full year of living with Covid, it feels like it is getting harder to cope with and not easier.

In times like this though, positivity is more important than ever, so here is my last Sunday Praise of 2020.

  • My neighbours outdoor tree decoration makes me smile every time I drive past it!
  • I got a haircut! Which is lucky, because it’s now going to be at least two months before I can get another one…
  • This week, we made Rocky Roads – yum!
  • I was really sad to hear that Ann Reinking died this week. As a child I adored her in Annie, but her work with Bob Fosse was astonishing and it was a treat to watch videos of her amazing talent this week.
  • To say I was emotionally invested in the final of Masterchef: The Professionals was an understatement. Three great chefs, but Santosh stole my heart, and everyone else’s it seems!
  • My wonderful twins, Stella and Harrison, turn 10 on Wednesday. They make me happy every single day.
  • It’s Port season!
  • That Strictly final was just joyous and it was great to see Bill & Oti lift the Glitterball.
  • It’s the Winter Solstice this weekend and Kevin Barry wrote a lovely piece on this time of year in the Irish Times on Friday.
  • Courtney Marie Andrews has released a cover of one of my favourite Simon & Garfunkel songs – America – and it is gorgeous.
  • I got a belated birthday present from a wonderful friend this week and I love it! Who doesn’t need a Wonder Woman cushion?

So, what in your life deserves some praise this week? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Praise

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  1. You always have such lovely music choices. I did a Winter Solstice online yoga class today – ironically but extremely welcome-ly the sun was shining brightly. As we reminded ourselves, the days get longer now so this is the worst time. The baking is def enough to cheer anyone’s week up.

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  2. I am thankful to read your lovely post. The Christmas tree really made me smile — how lucky to have such witty neighbors; like you I totally loved Ann Reinking in All That Jazz and loved re-watching that clip. And I’m totally envious of that Wonder Woman pillow! I hope the next six weeks pass as pleasantly for you as possible and that you and your family stay healthy.

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  3. That tree is the best!!
    We have been seeing rising numbers here in California and reading the news everyday has been so despairing. At least your schools are open though. My kids have been distance learning since March. And there’s still no reopening plans at all! But I’m grateful for good health and good Internet speeds.

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  4. Hi Cathy – your post cheered me up! We are not in as strict a lockdown as you are, but we have been and I know exactly how you feel. And even though a vaccine is coming, who knows when we will all get it? But you’re smart to focus on the small happy things because we can’t control the rest. Love that baby picture and I absolutely love your neighbor’s decoration – that wins for originality and humor! Stay safe and enjoy your family (and haircut)!


  5. I love that tree! I’ve been so cheered by all the decorations around here. Some streets have advent calendar windows and I’m hoping to go for a walk with my husband after dark one day this week to look at them. Happy Solstice!

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  6. Cathy, you are a role model for optimism — even if you don’t feel it, it’s a good coping strategy to fake it! (It’s what our mothers meant, when they said we should count our blessings, and they lived through the Depression and the war, so they knew what they were talking about).
    I am here to tell you and your readers that we in Melbourne have been through one of the world’s toughest, longest lockdowns, and now we have all but eliminated the virus. If we can prevent Australians returning home from overseas from spreading it here again, we can go on enjoying what we now call Covid-normal. Not quite normal, but sheer bliss after the months of lockdown. We are anxious about an outbreak in Sydney which has sabotaged many Christmas reunions, but we have fingers crossed that it won’t cross the border into our state. (And our government has acted swiftly to prevent that happening.)
    So when you are feeling down in the dumps, remember that it can work, if everyone makes it work. Which is why, blogs like yours today are so important. What makes compliance work, is confidence that it will work, and people sharing their ways of co-operating with it which helps to normalise compliance rather than encourage looking for loopholes, undercover sabotage and outright flouting of the restrictions.
    You might enjoy my post ‘Ten Bookish Things to do while self-isolated at home’, where I mention your Irish Reading Month as one of the activities to help get through it… That was back in March when we were all still slightly stunned by what was happening, see
    Stay safe and well, Lisa xo


  7. A few things to be thankful for in the lead up to Christmas for me too, Cathy!
    1. My wife has a date now for her hip replacement, after months in pain, less than a month to go now.
    2. Managed to see daughter and two grandchildren outside before Wales lockdown was announced.
    3. Enjoyed the Strictly final with well deserved finalists, with a very worthy winner. Also the finale of His Dark Materials, such brilliant acting, psychological scripts and production values, and all made in Wales!
    3. Following a lot of recent rain, river levels have been high but thankfully not dangerously so, so we have escaped the flooding that marooned our town last February. Fingers crossed for at least the rest of 2020, and hopefully for the months to come!
    In case there isn’t another opportunity before Friday, may I wish you the traditional Welsh greeting Nadolig Llawen!


  8. I just listened to that song on my Simon & Garfunkel greatest hits CD yesterday! I’m sorry to hear about the new lockdown in NI. My county leapt from Tier 2 to Tier 4 in a day, so we’re effectively on lockdown even if it’s not called that. We will now be having Christmas alone at home. I’d looked forward to a couple of days away and a change of scene, but we have our health and employment and nothing to complain about, really. It’ll be a lovely, quiet Christmas, just us and the cat. I hope the twins have a wonderful birthday!

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  9. Your rocky roads look a lot like what we call confetti squares in Canada. I agree that lockdown seems harder the longer it goes. Where I live we have not been able to gather outside either for over a month now and it’s made things very isolating.

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  10. What a fantastic tree, that would make me smile too. I’m really enjoying all the lights and decorations this year, a farm near us looks like a fairground! Have a merry time with your lovely twins. . .

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  11. I am over in Canada and we are in lockdown right now until mid-January, even schools are closed. We are all getting exhausted with the pandemic, but keep looking for the bright spots. I love your neighbours tree decoration. Happy Holidays Cathy.


  12. Cathy, it certainly does seem to be getting harder, the longer we are living with Covid. However I do love your neighbours very amusing, decorated tree and your Wonder Woman cushion. Also Happy Belated Birthday to the twins! 🥳 Sadly my positive this week has been testing positive for Covid, although I do not have any of the obvious or severe symptoms of it, so I am grateful for that.


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