Sunday Praise: What’s Been Making Me Happy Lately?

  • We have just discovered Motherland starring the amazing Anna Maxwell Martin and it is absolutely hilarious.
  • Yesterday Stella and I made cupcakes…there are very few left.
  • Tomorrow I go back to work and that makes me happy. Although ask me again on Wednesday and we’ll see how I feel.
  • Shops opened for business again last week in Northern Ireland so we took a road trip to No Alibis so the kids could spend their Christmas vouchers (!). I may have got some books too…
One of these is going to be on my 20 Books of Summer List…
  • I have decided to take out a subscription to the National Theatre At Home and am really excited to watch Angels in America, Consent and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I miss live theatre so much.
  • My first vaccine is done! It made me feel really ill for about 3 days but was totally worth it. Roll on July for my second jab.
  • My husband put up a rope swing for the kids at our favourite forest and I couldn’t resist a go, big wain that I am!
  • After a good few weeks of watching some very serious Oscar-nominated movies, we watched Rocketman and it was the most cinematic fun I’ve had in ages.
  • I was really chuffed this week to be asked to be a contributor to a cultural magazine here in Northern Ireland. I’ll say more in a few weeks!
  • Last month it was the fifth anniversary of Prince’s death and last week a new director’s cut was released of his guitar solo in a star-studded performance of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’. Marvel as he saunters in at the 3:30 mark and steals the show. What a man.

So, what in your life deserves some praise this week? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Praise

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  1. I think this is the week for people of our age to get the jab! I am trailing around feeling very dislocated, but have got over the chills and soreness from yesterday. This morning I celebrated by going to Waterstones and buying the Glass Hotel, as I loved Station Eleven so much. (I hardly ever buy books from new, I tend to wait until they get cheaper second hand). I hope you enjoy if.

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  2. I think we must have missed some or all of the first series of Motherland because watching the very first episode a day or two ago didn’t ring any bells except for Anna Maxwell Martin’s manic depiction (a little reminiscent of Basil Fawlty, another series we’ve been rewatching). And yes, Rocketman was excellent, better than I’d been led to expect.

    What’s making me happy? At the moment only the political fact that Welsh Labour is back in control, and the coming prospect of a few days away in Suffolk, our first proper holiday for, I think, two years…


  3. Those cakes… Not a bit surprised there aren’t many left. Sorry about your reaction to the vaccine. Not sure which one you had (and we’re all different) but I had a brief but unpleasant reaction to my first dose of AZ whereas I’m only feeling a little more tired than usual after yesterday’s dose.


  4. Station Eleven is one of my absolute favourites (though I am not sure if it would be ideal pandemic reading). I was back in the office on Friday for the first time in months, and it was so nice to be back in my actual workplace instead of fighting questionable internet connections and noisy neighbours while trying to work at home – hope you enjoy being back!

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  5. I watched Jon McGregor being interviewed by Jarvis Cocker this week and it was great, so I’m sure the event with Keith Ridgway will be fascinating.
    Glad you’re feeling better Cathy, I also can’t wait for my second jab (June 8th!)
    You’re never too old for a rope swing 🙂

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  6. Lots to be thankful here and those cupcakes look lovely! 😊 I have had to really think this what I am grateful for as it has mainly been dull, cold and wet! However this does mean I have stayed and read more: finishing two books, so small mercies and all! 😅


  7. Oh wow, going back to work is a big deal! Have fun!

    I love your swing -what a great picture! I used to love to swing, but now it makes me nauseous. I feel sorry for myself. Lol

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  8. I really liked Station Eleven. I hope you enjoy it.
    Those cupcakes are lovely! The color! So girly and with sugar sprinkles!
    The swing pic! So glad you included it.


  9. So exciting that your bookshops are open for business again, and that your vaccines are rolling out – doing an overly-enthusiastic happy dance for you! I just recently picked up a copy of Station Eleven myself, but I’m worried that it might be a bit “too soon” to read…


  10. I got the AZ jab and had a sore arm and was exhausted for a couple of days, but otherwise was fine. Glad it wasn’t too bad for you. I love that video, thanks for sharing it. It sounds like you had a good week Cathy.


  11. Mmh, your cupcakes look delicious. And Rocketman was great fun, we had weeks singing Elton John’s favorites afterwards! I’m so jealous for your first jab, I am waiting impatiently for mine!


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