It’s 20 Books of Summer Time!

Well, here we are, it’s 1 June and the first day of 20 Books of Summer!

I have to say I have been overwhelmed (literally!) by all your support and sign-up posts – we now have over 100 people taking part across Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, and blogs – which is quite amazing. You can check out all the sign up posts on the Linky website. If I haven’t commented on your sign-up post yet, do drop me a note in the comments and I’ll pop over.

There’s still time to join in if you fancy lining up 10, 15 or 20 books to read between now and 1 September.

So to the important question…

What’s the strategy and what are you starting with?

I’m just going with whatever the mood takes me but am starting with The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura.

I know from years of experience, that these first few weeks are the exciting ones where we are all brimming with enthusiasm and determination. By the time we get to week 7 though, it’s a different story!

So, it’s a long game we’re playing here but there’s lots of support so don’t forget to use the hashtag #20BooksofSummer21 to check in with everyone. I’ll be posting at the end of each month and at the halfway point (14 July) to see how everyone is doing.

Last year I created a 20 Songs of Summer playlist on Spotify, so if you need a soundtack to your reading, I’ve got you covered!

Good luck everyone and happy reading 🙂

20 Books of Summer

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I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

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  1. I’m excited Cathy!

    I’ve started with two books: Writing at the Kitchen Table by Artemis Cooper, and Apple Bough by Noel Streatfeild.

    I know what you mean about flagging, and also about no longer wanting to read something as soon as you see it on your list – so I’ve decided to alternate longer, more serious, books and lighter, easier, ones, and also to start with one I’d already begun to go off – ie Cooper’s one about Elizabeth David. And in fact I’m enjoying it so far, and it hasn’t turned out to be a difficult read at all. I’m definitely not going to leave all the more daunting books to the end this time.

    Good luck!

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  2. I’m starting with a virtual summer holiday in Cornwall and then seeing where the mood takes me with my chosen 10 books. My strategy is to enjoy myself, although one of the books I’ve chosen is likely too gritty for that!

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  3. So far I’ve tweeted using the wrong hashtag, twice, and have stared at the piles, unable to decide which to read first. Plus there are half-read books lurking which aren’t on the list. Substituting on the first day seems a little too much like madness. I have to get a grip!
    P.S. I just noticed you’ve also accidentally used #20BooksOfSummer20 in this blogpost in the paragraph starting “So, it’s a long game we’re playing”. The madness begins.

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  4. Yay! Happy #20Books day!! I’m going straight in with Voyeur from my Netgalley list – all i need to do is read a book a day and I’ll be done by June 20th.. easy really eh haha!! Really looking forward to it and so happy to see so many taking part again! x

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  5. I’m excited! I sneakily started last night, because I’d finished my book and didn’t want to waste a sunny bank holiday doing anything other than reading on the balcony (but I only read about thirty pages, so it’s not *really* cheating, right?). I’m starting with The House of Mirth, and I’ll probably be alternating it with Genghis Khan: the man who conquered the world, as I like to have a novel and some nonfiction going at the the same time. Happy reading!

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  6. My strategy is to start the way I mean to go on – by cheating and swapping! I’ve already read one of my list *slaps wrist* and have changed one for another. So it’s going well so far… 😉


  7. Wow, over 100 participants, that is awesome, Cathy. I am starting with an audiobook, Summer Stepsisters and reading The Moon Over Kilmore Quay. Two new releases, but with wonderful summer vibes.

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  8. I am sooooo excited! I did the 20 Books for Summer 2020 with you and it was fun! I am ready to rock this summer with 20 more reads. I need to get my list together and will share soon. Thanks for putting out this awesome challenge!
    – Melanie A. Peters


  9. My strategy is to come at it on two fronts: I started an audiobook today to enjoy on my trips to and from work: Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate, and I will likely be reading The Invisible Husband of Frick Island in my at-home reading time. I read the first chapter over the weekend and liked it. Of course I am a whim reader and so I imagine I’ll dip into a few children’s picture books I’ve gotten as gifts before finishing Frick Island, but we will see. I’m excited it is June!

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  10. I’m so excited! I look forward to this challenge every year.

    I’m planning to start with my longest book and see how it goes from there. I’m having trouble getting my link on the sign-in page, but I’m definitely participating! 😀

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  11. How wonderful that so many people have signed up for 20 Books of Summer! It’s such a great challenge, I know I look forward to joining in every year. I’ve started my first book – All the Young Men by Ruth Coker Burks. This was my most anticipated so I had to pick it up first but now everything else will have to live up to it! It’s a very moving book but Ruth is such an incredible woman. I can’t wait to read more of it later today.

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  12. Oh Blister in the Sun brings back memories… I started off with an easy book and so far so good. Hope you enjoy your read. I’ve read Evil and the Mask by Nakamura and though it was chilling and need to read more by this author. Looking forward to your review.


  13. I’ve opted to start with two of the chunkiest books on my list: the new-to-me classic, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and a re-read of the YA fantasy, Eragon by Christopher Paolini; depending on my mood. 😃

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  14. I thought I was picking them off the TBR in acquisition order, but I realise I took Jonathan Van Ness’ book off first before another non-fiction, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Finished JVN and started the other one today so getting there.

    I have big non-fiction this month, but only 6 books, then 8 but at least two are slimmer next month. August is novels and a Maya Angelou so should be OK if I have any others hanging over.

    Good luck with yours, and to everyone else, too!

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  15. My ten book list and strategy was largely driven by my review copies and their release dates. I only chose books I really wanted to read though so it’s a desirable list and hopefully it will motivate me to keep up.

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