Announcing 20 Books of Summer ’22: Add your links here!

Yep, it is official, I’m doing it again.

20 Books of Summer is back for another year and this is your call to start planning!

Do you fancy getting 20 books off your TBR in three months? Think of the joys that this challenge brings:

  • All that deliberating over what books to choose and how many – 10, 15 or the Full Monty?
  • Crazed reading during the warmest months of the year
  • Decisions over how you measure your progress – by books read per month? Or pages read by day?
  • Panicked reviewing as you try to cram everything in to the time frame

Ah, but you all know it is a lot more fun than that!

It’s pretty common knowledge that I am the slackest challenge host and will bend the rules to help anyone reach their goal.

  • Want to swap a book? Go for it.
  • Fancy changing your list half way through? No problem.
  • Deciding to drop your goal from 20 to 15 (or even 10)? I am fine with that.

Choosing your list of books is half the fun, as is following along with everyone’s progress on this years new #20booksofsummer22 hashtag.

This year I am kicking off on Wednesday 1 June and finishing on Thursday 1 September. For the last THREE years I have completed my challenge, reading and reviewing all 20 books, so the pressure is well and truly on.

If you want to join in, just take the Books of Summer image, pick your own 10, 15 or 20 books you would like to read. Post the link to your choices in the comments below so I know that you are taking part. 

I’d love your support and do hope some of you will join in the summer reading fun! Who’s in?

Check out who is taking part!:

  1. Hopewell’s Library of Life
  2. Bibliographic Manifestations
  3. Coletta’s Kitchen Sink
  4. Lucy at Bookworm Blogger
  5. Carla at Carla Loves to Read
  6. Louise at Louise’s Reading Corner
  7. Hobbies and Everything in Between
  8. Books and Me!
  9. Susan at Susan Loves Books
  10. Jan at Thinking About Reading
  11. Sonia at What Sonia Reads on Instagram
  12. Rosemary at Scones and Chaise Longues
  13. Misty at Misty’s Book Space
  14. Brona at This Reading Life (Brona’s Books)
  15. Jean at Howling Frog Books
  16. Pete Keeley on Twitter
  17. Jackie O’Neill on Twitter
  18. Librischolasticae on Twitter
  19. Nicki at The Secret Library Book Blog
  20. Tanya at Tanyxscreams
  21. Margaret at Books Please
  22. Rick MacDonnell on YouTube
  23. Em at Em With Pen
  24. Cathy at What Cathy Read Next
  25. Mallika at Literary Potpourri
  26. Roisin at The Resting Willow
  27. Laura Tisdall
  28. Cath at Read Warbler
  29. Vicki at I’d Rather Be at the Beach
  30. Davida at The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog
  31. Susana at A Bag Full of Stories
  32. Yvonne at It’s All About Books
  33. Jess at Comfort Reads
  34. Janet at From First Page to Last
  35. Kate at Everywhere and Nowhere
  36. Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery
  37. Karen at Booker Talk
  38. Annelies at In Another Era
  39. Kate at Books Are My Favourite and Best
  40. Helen at She Reads Novels
  41. Laurie at Relevant Obscurity
  42. Katherine at Simple Tricks and Nonsense
  43. Jana at Reviews from the Stacks
  44. Janet at Loves Books, Reads Books
  45. Wendy at The Bashful Bookworm
  46. Emma at Book Around the Corner
  47. Amy at Warm Days Will Never Cease
  48. Rehka at The Book Decoder
  49. Ali at A Bookish Life
  50. Dolce Bellezza
  51. Caro at CJRTB Books
  52. Juliana at The Blank Garden
  53. Jo’s Book Blog
  54. Loulou Reads
  55. Nancy Elin
  56. Laila at Big Reading Life
  57. Bride of the Book God
  58. Yvonne at It’s All About Books
  59. Steel Droppings on Instagram
  60. Pining for the West
  61. Dedra at A Book Wanderer
  62. Emma at Damp Pebbles
  63. Annabel at Annabookbel
  64. Jo at The Book Jotter
  65. Marina at Finding Time To Write
  66. Eunice at
  67. Kristin at Gothicvamperstein on Instagram
  68. Jane at Just Reading A Book
  69. George at Pen With Lit
  70. Emma at Words and Peace
  71. Sarah at Sunshine and Books
  72. Jodie at That Happy Read
  73. Claire at A Knight’s Read
  74. Imogen at Imogen is Reading and Writing the World
  75. Bibliophile by the Sea
  76. Priscilla at Evening Reader
  77. Jessica at The Bookworm Chronicles
  78. Les at Coastal Horizons
  79. Maphead’s Book Blog
  80. Mary Mulligan on Twitter
  81. CJGPark65 on Instagram
  82. Skullfull of Books on Instagram
  83. H.C. Newton at The Irresponsile Reader
  84. Curly Geek at The Book Stop
  85. Eva at Novel Deelights
  86. Paul at Half Man Half Book
  87. A Strong Belief in Wicker on Twitter
  88. Liz at Adventures in Reading, Running and Working from Home
  89. Rebecca at Bookish Beck
  90. Market Garden Reader
  91. Anne at My Head is Full of Books
  92. Cleo at Classical Carousel
  93. Max at Mysteries by Moonlight
  94. Rae Reads Books
  95. Curiosity Killed The Bookworm
  96. Shanie on Twitter
  97. Yvonne at Me and My Books
  98. EF Sunland at That’s What She Read
  99. Lizzy at Lizzy’s Literary Life
  100. Fiction Fan
  101. Seeing the Forest for the Trees
  102. Coleen Vanderlinden
  103. Chris at Calmgrove
  104. Karissa at Karrisa Reads Books
  105. Loreen at Coffee and Cats on Instagram
  106. Amilee at Amilee Reads on Instagram
  107. Cindy at Cindy’s Book Blog
  108. Leslie at Books Are The New Black
  109. Marina at MARgINAlia
  110. Merry at Letters from the Lighthouse
  111. Hayley at Rather Too Fond of Books
  112. Yesha at Books Teacup and Reviews
  113. A Substantial World
  114. Diana at Book of Secrets
  115. Confessions of a YA Reader
  116. Noemie at Bookish Noomie
  117. Reading with Wrin
  118. Yvonne at A Darn Good Read
  119. Kim at Reading Matters
  120. Smithereens
  121. Bernie at Wyres World
  122. Ellie at A Storybook Girl
  123. Jennifer at My Book Joy
  124. Dini at Dinipanda Reads
  125. Tanya at Girlxoxo
  126. Becky at Becky Bookstore
  127. Toni at Reading Tonic
  128. Ebony at Resilience Everyday
  129. Janelle at Meanderings of a Bookworm
  130. Michael at Nashville Book Worm

20 Books of Summer The 746

Cathy746books View All →

I am a 40 something book buying addict trying to reduce the backlog one book at a time!

404 Comments Leave a comment

  1. Woohoo, Cathy, I shall again – and thank you again! – be hedging my bets for this year by going for the safe option of 10 books, knowing it’ll be considerably more than that.

    Also, instead of naming what I’ll read I’ll just go with the flow of what I fancy! It’ll be like those parish projects with a growing box graph showing donations heading for, and hopefully far exceeding, the target figure. And I have your old meme image dusted off and ready to go… 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for hosting again! I actually started planning my list the other day because I was having a stressful time and wanted a nice diversion – so thank you for creating something that was a source of joy in an otherwise challenging week 🙂 I think I’ll only be attempting ten or maybe fifteen books this year, as it is hopefully going to be a busy summer (to make up for the last two years)!


  3. Yay, me me me! I’ll be doing 20 off my physical TBR again which will help me in my special TBR challenge and give me a BIG challenge in not including books included in other ones or ebooks, as usual.


  4. Been thinking about this for last couple of weeks so glad it’s happening again. Going to be going for 20 physical books off my mountainous TBR. Already decided on about half and will be picking the other half in the next week or so. Looking forward to plenty of hot days in the garden with a book.


  5. I cannot believe that we are that close to June. I am glad you announced it now so I can give myself time to decide on 20 books or a lower number and what kinds of books I want to include.


  6. This has put me in a quandry…. I do love delving into the dusty shelves of the TBR but I’m feeling a bit of reading event/challenge fatigue right now. I think I’ll park my decision until the last moment ….

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Part of me refuses to believe it’s that time of year already. The other part already wrote down half a list. I’m definitely in as this is my favourite challenge but for the first time since I joined, considering my reading/reviewing mojo, it *really* will be a challenge. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. YAY! I’ve been kind of thinking about summer reading…been in a real slump and haven’t quite fixed it yet. Plus I’m going on a trip in June. So I need to be modest in my goals. Still, this is a favorite of mine!


  9. I’m going to join in this year, Cathy! I am thinking of making a list of purely “fun” books – mysteries, thrillers, and romance – I need some uplifting fluff! (But I might do 15 rather than 20.) Thanks for hosting again – and I laughed at your description of the challenge! 🙂


  10. I’m looking forward to this, Cathy. All my reading this year has been from library books, which means I’ve not made a dent in my TBR which continues to grow because I haven’t actually stopped buying books 🙄


  11. Definitely joining in with this again. It was the first blog challenge I ever took part in and it’s lovely thinking about all the books I’m going to read when Summer comes.


  12. I have a tentative list of 10 drawn up, all from my physical pile which I honestly haven’t touched for a while now, having been swimming about in review copies. Will share on my blog and the comments in a day or so


  13. I’m eagerly looking forward to you annual event, an inspiration for every Summer! I am the slackest (is that a word?!) of bloggers, but will commit to 20 Book, and hopefully as many posts about them. 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I’m in, too! I’m going to go for 10 as that has been manageable over the last couple of years. I’ll reveal my selection soon. Thanks for hosting again, Cathy. I always enjoy this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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